Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I wait 20 minutes after drinking to use my Watchdog?

By waiting 20 minutes, your Watchdog will give you the most accurate reading of your true BAC level.

The air in the bottom of your lungs has had the most amount of time to absorb the alcohol content flowing through the blood vessels in your body. Watchdog Breathalyzers take a deep lung air sample to capture the most saturated air. If you just had a sip of alcohol, bite of food, or puff of a cigarette in the past 20 minutes then the air sample you provide will be contaminated, resulting in inaccurate readings.

In fact, a Police officer will also make you wait 15-20 minutes before they test you.

Q: Why does my brand new device have several uses upon initial startup?

Every Watchdog is tested up to 10 times to ensure proper calibration for the highest accuracy before being shipped.

There is not an employee sitting at the Watchdog Offices trying a couple Rottweilers out here and there, these preliminary “set up blows” are all done by fancy and expensive calibration machines.

Q: Does the Watchdog Breathalyzer need to be recalibrated?

In order to maintain the highest accuracy, Watchdog recommends your device be recalibrated every 2 year sor 500 test cycles, whichever comes first

Don’t know how many test cycles you have? Watchdog displays how many test cycles it has received upon initial start up, before it starts counting down.

If your Watchdog is providing inconsistent test results, is not providing any test results, or provides unusually low or high test results, the product should be recalibrated immediately by a trained professional. Recalibration Services will be added to our online services very soon.

Q: Where can I buy the replaceable mouthpieces?

Please visit our online shop here for replaceable mouthpiece packs.  They are offered in packs of 10, 50, and even 100, for those party animals out there. We also offer FREE shipping!

Q: Is your Watchdog Breathalyzer FDA approved? If not, why?

As of January 2012, the FDA Breathalyzer category was deregulated  and no longer requires approval.

Some of the older breathalyzers brands on the market still have the FDA approval from a prior time period. The Watchdog was released in Jan 2013 and utilizes the same state of the art fuel cell sensor technology as law enforcement uses.

Q: How do I know if I’m using the Watchdog correctly?

The Watchdog is a professional grade Breathalyzer and requires a simple test protocol. For accurate results, wait at least 20 minutes after eating, smoking or drinking your last alcohol beverage.  Not observing this waiting period can cause inaccurate readings or damage the sensor.

Step 1): Insert sterile mouthpiece on the entrance hole on left side of the device.

Step 2): Press and hold the “test” button until the digital display appears. The Watchdog will first display the number of test cycles, and begin a countdown.

Step 3): Wait for the display to count down from 10 to zero. The device will beep once when it’s ready for breath sample and will also show a “blow” symbol.

Step 4): Take a deep breath and blow steadily for approximately 5 seconds. Once user begins blowing, a long beep will sound, followed by an internal “click”. This click means a breath sample has been taken.

It is critical for user to blow the entire duration of the long beep (about 5 seconds). If a person stops blowing before the end of the beep, the results will read error (ERR) since the breath sample was not collected.

Step 5): Your score will be displayed for 20 seconds. Display will beep and turn red at the risk factor number of 0.050% or higher.

The reason the device waits 5 seconds before capturing the breath sample is so that it gets a deep lung breath sample. This deep lung breath sample provides a much more accurate blood alcohol content sample than the fresher air at the top of the lungs.

Q: Why does my Watchdog say “ERR”?

The “ERR” message means a breath sample was not taken, and is usually a user error from not blowing properly.

Ensure that you blow steadily and consistently for at least 5 seconds in order to capture a proper breath sample. User must wait until a click is heard/felt before they stop blowing into device.

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