Recalibration Services


Watchdog recommends you send in your unit to be recalibrated every 500 uses or 2 years, whichever comes first. Similar to servicing your car, the recalibration process ensures your device is in perfect working condition to guarantee accuracy and reliability.

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Product Description

If your Watchdog is showing inconsistent, or abnormally high/ low results, it might be time to have your device recalibrated. Here’s how it works:
Step 1: Select how many devices you need recalibrated

Step 2: Proceed through checkout to purchase the service. You will be sent a confirmation email of your purchase. Print out the confirmation email.

Step 3: Send us your Watchdog via mail in a small and sturdy box with padding and include the confirmation printout inside. Send it to the following address:

Watchdog Breathalyzer
ATTN: Recalibration Services
170 Technology Dr.
Irvine, CA 92618

Step 4: Relax knowing your Watchdog will be home soon.
We will take it from here! Once we receive your Watchdog, our trained technicians will service, diagnose, and recalibrate your device, and send it back to you the very same day.

The way Breathalyzer calibration works is we hook your device to an expensive machine that emulates a perfect 0.050% breath sample, while simultaneously eliminating external factors such as humidity and temperature. Your device will be tested and reset to capture that perfect 0.050% as a baseline for all future breath samples. Our high accuracy standards ensure all Watchdogs have an accuracy rating of +/- 0.005%. If your device fails to reach this accuracy range, Watchdog will provide you with a replacement free of charge if it falls within it’s 1-year warranty.